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Chief Marketing Officers are becoming more powerful and their tasks are changing. This is the result of the IBM study after interviewing 524 CMOs. Not surprisingly the typical marketing goals did not change that much: They still aspire to treat customers as individuals, to build stronger relationships via digital channels and to make wise decisions based on hard evidence.

But the gap between desire and daily reality remains as large as ever. The only way CMOs can start closing the gap seems to be by invoking their influence in the boardroom.

It’s up to CMOs to ensure that the marketing team fulfills its unique function as the crucial link between the customer and the enterprise.

The study also discovered that growing a number of CMOs are liaising closely with CIOs – with remarkably positive effects on the bottom line. Where the CMO and CIO work well together, the enterprise is more likely to outperform in terms of revenues and profitability. Read here the full article: Stepping up the challenge

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