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Chief MarTech - Marketing Must Lead Marketing Technology

It's time: Marketing must take ownership of the technology in its domain. As marketers, we are already responsible for the outcomes based on the technology we use. With results more transparent than ever we cannot just rely on what is promoted by the IT department. The accountability is all ours. It’s only sensible that we should have full control over the means and mechanisms to deliver. We must be the driver of marketing technology, not merely a concerned passenger. But if we don’t have technical depth, who can help us navigate? Scott Brinker - author of the famous ChiefMarTech blog - propose a new role in the marketing department: a marketing CTO or chief marketing technologist. The mission of the marketing CTO is to provide the necessary technology navigation.

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The marketing CTO would report to the CMO, not the CIO — although he/she would certainly collaborate with the IT department (and, increasingly, with the product development group). This person would be a technologist, with a strong background in software and technology management. But their focus, passion, and allegiance would be to the marketing mission. The marketing CTO would be perched at the intersection of those three spheres of marketing technology, providing the technical leadership to orchestrate and optimize them.

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